Pilgrimage to Cappadocia is a journey, a fascinating travel to Cappadocia in Southeastern Turkey. A unique land that captivates everyone by its wild beauty and its volcanic rocks, which remind us of lunar sceneries.
Whittled into rocks you can see countless churches, chapels and temples that even though they have been abandoned from monks and ascetics for years, they still radiate divine light and lure the visitor to explore the monastic cells and admire the amazing murals, witnesses of the old magnificence and exceptional style and aesthetics.

Pilgrimage to Cappadocia will travel you to a land deep into Asia Minor, a place where Christianity coexisted with Hellenism for centuries and left their mark to this unique world. Someone can visit the villages Prokopi, Korama, where the Open Museum is. The museum is under UNESCO’s protection, Neapoli, Sinaso, the homeland of Hierarch Gregory the Nazianzus, Arianzo with the famous Kizil Kilise or Red Church and follow the tracks of Saint Mama to his village Gioktse where his relics are being kept.

Through Pilgrimage to Cappadocia not only the viewer explores unique sceneries but he also learns everything about the history and legacy of this land, a legacy that until today evokes awe to all visitors and pilgrims.

o Language: Greek, English
o Subtitles: Turkish, Russian
o Technical characteristics:
o Colour / 4:3 Letterbox / Dolby