The series "ARTISTS" presents Greek and Cypriot artists, who are active  the past  forty years and they have achieved very rich  exhibition activity and original visual art language. The show provides the opportunity for viewers to experience the work of important representatives of contemporary Greek art. A unique tribute to the personality and life of modern Greek  artists and the treasures of their works revealing to us  the truth of real life. Encapsulates the Greek artistic tradition from dictatorship until today and effects   on contemporary modern expression to culture and society in general.

"ARTISTS" is officially confirmed for Season 2 (12 episodes). Soon will be available at ERT Television Channels.

o Director: Kostas  Romanos
o Spoken language: Greek
o Episodes: 12, Duration/episode: 30΄
o Shooting in Greece

Season 1 Episodes:
Νο        Name
1           George  Hatzimihalis
2           Manolis  Babousis
3           Zafos  Χagoraris
4           George  Harvalias
5           Lydia  Thabasina
6           Apostolos  Georgiou
7           Panos  Haralambous
8           Manolis  Zaharioudakis
9           Maria  Loizidou
10         Panos  Kokkinias
11         Alexandros  Psihoulis
12         Jenny  Marketou