Sol Invictus – Christmas Star

White Fox – Cosmote TV Christmas Day, the story of light and darkness. Invictus, The Invincible Sun, The Sun, the God of light, the winter solstice, the pagan festival in Rome of the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, the Roman Saturnalia, the Greek Triesperon and the Persian celebration of the birth of Mithras, all these lead […]

Genesis of Medicine – Disease and Cure in Ancient Greece

A new series about the origins of modern medicine. Four 45-minute documentaries highlight the achievements of medicine in Ancient Greece that set the foundations for today’s medical miracles. The series explores Ancient Greek Medicine from the Neolithic Age to the Late Antiquity when divine healing coexisted along with rational medicine. Homeric Medicine, Divine Healing, Philosophers, […]


“Cappadocia”Pilgrimage to Cappadocia is a journey, a fascinating travel to Cappadocia in Southeastern Turkey. A unique land that captivates everyone by its wild beauty and its volcanic rocks, which remind us of lunar sceneries. Whittled into rocks you can see countless churches, chapels and temples that even though they have been abandoned from monks and […]

Istanbul & Tracing Istanbul

“Istanbul & Tracing Istanbul”Constantinople was named New Rome or New Jerusalem, symbol of an exemplary empire, guardian of the Greek-Roman civilization, centre of the Orthodox-Christian world, an amalgam of cultures and a crossroad between Europe and Asia. The pilgrimage to Istanbul narrates through its monuments the history of the City. It was established by Constantine […]