Franny’s Feet

Where will my feet take me today?… Each 11-minute animated segment follows five-and-a-half-year-old Franny on a magical adventure. The shoes she tries on in her grandfather’s shoe repair shop transport her to destinations around the globe, where she meets new friends and tries to help them solve problems. When Franny dons a pair of hiking boots she is transported to middle of the African Savannah. In a pair of sandals, she twirls into a Mexican fiesta. Mukluks take her on a wild trip to the frozen arctic. In zoris, she travels to a tea ceremony in Japan. Sensitive and cooperative, Franny shows that you are never too small or too young to be a big help.

Franny’s Feet, targeted to four- to seven-year-old children, is rooted in the excitement, learning, and joyful discoveries that exploration can bring. In each episode, Franny discovers a new place, new people, and new situations that broaden her – and the viewer’s – understanding of the world. Problem solving, global awareness, science, and vocabulary development are woven together with delightful storytelling for a seamless, interdisciplinary learning experience.

Following each 11-minute story is an interactive segment called Franny’s Treasures, in which Franny speaks directly to viewers, asking for their help as she tries to figure out answers to game-like challenges. The educational content of the segments will expand on concepts explored in the preceding story. A sing-along music video follows Franny’s Treasures.