Genesis of Medicine – Disease and Cure in Ancient Greece

A new series about the origins of modern medicine. Four 45-minute documentaries highlight the achievements of medicine in Ancient Greece that set the foundations for today’s medical miracles.

The series explores Ancient Greek Medicine from the Neolithic Age to the Late Antiquity when divine healing coexisted along with rational medicine.

Homeric Medicine, Divine Healing, Philosophers, Hippocrates, The Foundations of Rational-Modern Medicine, Alexandrian Doctors, Galen, Dioscorides, Pharmacology, all these themes remain relevant today when health and medicine have come to the forefront more than ever.

The glorious history of medicine comes to life through a mix of docufiction and digital technology: 3D representations of ancient temples, representations of monuments, aerial filming of archaeological sites, and reproduction of photogrammetric images, music etc.


Full HD

Episodes: 4, Duration/episode: 4×30′

Spoken language: English, Greek

Available international band for dubbing

Year of Production: 2019