1st Moving Human Hologram by White Fox

White Fox presented the first full-size 3D moving human hologram in Greece on October 13th.

The hologram of Macedonian warrior Pavlos Melas was presented during the opening ceremony of the restore Villa Melas in Athens, in the presence of the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou and other leading figures of Greek political life.

Visitors to the Villa, which has been turned into a museum, can see Pavlos Melas’ hologram moving, sitting down at his desk and writing his famous Letter to Cadets.

The creation of the hologram was no easy feat as there are very few photographs of Pavlos Melas who was murdered in 1904. White Fox has put together a talented creative team that made up of its animation department, historians, engineers, a director and artistic director to ensure museum visitors have a unique experience and establish a  new connection with this well-known Greek.