Istanbul & Tracing Istanbul

"Istanbul & Tracing Istanbul"

Constantinople was named New Rome or New Jerusalem, symbol of an exemplary empire, guardian of the Greek-Roman civilization, centre of the Orthodox-Christian world, an amalgam of cultures and a crossroad between Europe and Asia. The pilgrimage to Istanbul narrates through its monuments the history of the City.

It was established by Constantine the Great as the new capital of the Roman Empire and dedicated to Virgin Mary and as Christianity spread together with Greek civilization, the Byzantine Empire was created, a single cultural and multiethnic empire. We travel through culture with the symbol of Istanbul, Saint Sofia’s temple, which. It was being constructed for 5 years and it has an impressive dome and breathtaking mosaics.

After the fall of the City it was transformed into a mosque and later on turned into a Museum. Another amazing building is Saint Irene’s temple, where we can see one of the first steps to cross over from basilica with dome to cruciform.

The viewer gets impressed by the amazing monasteries as those of Christ the Incomprehensible, Christ Pantokrator, Virgin Pammakaristos and Saint Savior in Chora decorate Istanbul.Magnificent temples also stand and create a nostalgic atmosphere like those of Saint George Antifonitis, Saint Demetrius Xirokrinis, Saint Mary of the Mongols and Virgin Mary of Blachernae.

For the first time sanctified springs are being revealed that give hope and faith to the people with the most famous being Zoodoxos Pigi at Baloukli, which lies outside the land walls on the western side of the City.Nostalgic feelings and beautiful temples combine architectural wonders to Christianity and bring out memories long lost that travel us back in time in order to trace Istanbul as it used to be, magnificent and beautiful.

o Episodes: 3
o Duration: 50’
o Language: Greek, English
o Subtitles: Turkish, Russian
o Colour / 4:3 Letterbox / Dolby