WW II – Greek-Italian War / Italian occupation

It was the first change in Hitler's plans. The first defeat. This war revived Churchill's courage oand created a universal admiration for the Greeks.

The Greek-Italian war of 1940-41, one of the brightest events in Greek history, a personal defeat of Mussolini now revives. How it was organized, the roles of the two sides, the protagonists ... all in the first part of the documentary "WW II. Greek-Italian War".

Documents, reports, testimonies, the top secrets, original calendars will introduce us the protagonist who is not other than the Greek soul. Original stories, stories that highlight momentum, the valor of Greek soldiers, and the strategy of Greek officers.

During the Italian occupation, peace prevailed in the Greek mountains, the guns were silenced, and Greece was now an occupied country. Italian occupation in Athens, Greece, Aegean Archipelago. In the second part of the documentary "WW II. Italian occupation" we will watch aspects of the Italian brutal occupation in Greece.

Shot in Greece, Albania, Italy and Great Britain.

Directed by Grigoris Karantinakis.

A co - production with COSMOTE TV.