Eros in Ancient Greece

Eros in Ancient Greece. Born out of chaos. The power that permeated daily Greek life. A documentary and an inquiry into the deity of sexual love. Eros, the joyful companion of Aphrodite, a divine figure around which poets, sculptors and philosophers constructed a physiology and a philosophy of desire. A documentary that build on art, […]

WW II – Greek-Italian War / Italian occupation

It was the first change in Hitler’s plans. The first defeat. This war revived Churchill’s courage oand created a universal admiration for the Greeks. The Greek-Italian war of 1940-41, one of the brightest events in Greek history, a personal defeat of Mussolini now revives. How it was organized, the roles of the two sides, the […]

WW II – Greek Sacred Squadron

Discover the incredible military operations of the Greek Special Force that was never defeated! The Sacred Squadron was a Greek Special Force unit formed in 1942 in the Middle East, composed of Greek officers under the command of Col. Christodoulos Tsigantes. It fought alongside the SAS and SBS  in the Western Desert and the Aegean, as well as in Tunisia during the Second World War. The unit’s flag was awarded […]

Β’ Παγκόσμιος Πόλεμος – Ιταλική Κατοχή

Ηταν η πρώτη ανατροπή στα σχέδια του Χιτλερ. Το πρώτο ηρωικό δείγμα ήττας του άξονα. Ήταν αυτός ο πόλεμος ο Ελληνοιταλικός που αναζωπύρωσε κατά τον Τσώρτσιλ το θάρρος των συμπατριωτών του και απέσπασε τον παγκόσμιο θαυμασμό για τους Ελληνες.  Ο  ελληνοιταλικός πολεμος του 1940-41,  από τα λαμπρότερα γεγονότα της ιστορίας μας, προσωπική ήττα του Μουσσολίνι […]

Madonnas of the Aegean Sea – 12 New episodes

“Madonnas of the Aegean Sea” The Aegean Sea, has always been a bridge of communication, a sacred place, a place of pilgrimage. In the Aegean world there is a faith, a mother, the most sacred and holiest figure of Creation, the Virgin Mary. A documentary that travels you to the Greek island and to churches […]


SOPHIA The fate of the Byzantine Princess Sophia Palaiologina, the mysterious princess who became the wife of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow. The fate of the throne in her hands. Sofia has a lively intelligence and indomitable will. In Moscow she found her second home, love and hope for the birth of a new Orthodox […]

The Film Festival of Patmos 2017

“In the footsteps of Apostle Paul – The Documentary” has been officially selected to participate in the film festival of Patmos 2017 at July 25 to 30.Once again we sail to the remote island of Patmos with suitcases full of films, documentaries, shorts, and plans for great nights under the stars. Along comes friends and […]

World Content Market 2017 – Moscow

World Content Market 2017White Fox will attended World Content Market – Moscow (30 May – 1June 2017), the world’s only market connecting international sellers and Russian & CIS buyers.

MIPTV 2017

“MIPTV 2017″White Fox will attend MIPTV 2017 at Cannes, France (3-6 April). MIPTV is the spring’s biggest TV and digital content event for professionals. Every April, meet global entertainment industry leaders at the world’s biggest gathering of producers, distributors and buyers. Strike distribution and co-production deals, screen the hottest new content, network & build partnerships […]

In The Footsteps of Apostle Paul – The Documentary

“In the footsteps of Apostle Paul – The Documentary” is a new documentary about the life and thought of one the most influential personalities of all times and one of the most important figures of western modern history.He was the one who “forged the western cultural canvas with his divine brush”. He was the Apostle […]