In The Footsteps of Apostle Paul – The Documentary

In the footsteps of Apostle Paul - The Documentary” is a new documentary about the life and thought of one the most influential personalities of all times and one of the most important figures of western modern history.

He was the one who “forged the western cultural canvas with his divine brush”. He was the Apostle of all Nations and with his Preaching, his Letters and Journeys paved the way for the subversion of the Gentiles.

By visiting numerous cities of the South Eastern Mediterranean and by sending letters to the people of these regions, Paul managed to cultivate the first Christian communities and establish a popular theology. He was strictly connected with the history of the major countries of the Mediterranean, especially with Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. These are the countries where the shootings of the documentary take place, while the narrator takes us back in time to watch the historical events and to learn the teaching of Paul through archaeological sites, Christian icons from museums and temples, dramatized representation of historical events, as well as shootings at the important landmarks/towns as they are today.

The directorial approach intends to highlight the elements that bring Paul as well as his time and teaching, closer to modern humanity and to promote a historical documentary that appeals to the global community and to all people alike, as its content is timeless and its values transcultural. Apostle Paul, one of the greatest historical personalities, will capture the attention of the international TV viewers.

o Full HD

o Duration: 90'
o Spoken language: English
o Available international band for dubbing
o Director: Grigoris Karantinakis
o Shooting in Cyprus, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey
o 2017