The laments of Mani (Greece)

"The laments of Mani" (Greece)

The Laments of the Mediterranean is a documentary of one 80 minute episode. It will include death laments and “vendetta” stories from two regions in the Southern part of Europe: Mani in Peloponnese, Greece and South Italy. Those two geographical areas have many elements in common, targeted by the documentary, especially in tradition and the way the face death and personal relations. In Mani (Greece) and in Calabria (South Italy) though, when someone dies, there is until today a special ritual during his funeral. Women singers, dressed in black, sing above the dead body songs that are, either composed especially for the occasion and the person who has passed away, either have survived through the collective memory, handed down through the generations, particularly from mother to daughter. These songs, masterpieces of the past, must be rescued and promoted and this is exactly the purpose of the documentary, the survival of these laments and the presentation of the continuity in the expression of grief through the ages between the two countries to the public.

The documentary will be based on the real stories of Marika from Mani and Sophia from Calabria, who never meet each other but continue the tradition, which has roots in ancient Greece. Both areas have their own cultural diversity and often they attract the attention of foreign audiences.