Technology is like gravity. It is everywhere in our lives. Many companies offer technologically advanced audiovisual services in all business fields.

What is it that differentiates White Fox from other audiovisual production companies?

The impulse of our soul to always find approaches that will sustain humanness in all our productions. We integrate technology and AI into our anthropocentric business ethics and using our imagination we create exclusive audiovisual content

For White-Fox Content is the King and Technology is the Queen that combined with the team’s Soul and Imagination result in the Creation of high-end audiovisual productions.

It all started the spring of 2005 when White Fox S.A. was born and 20 years later it has evolved into a production company with large in-house research and development units that grow, skillful, heartful and passionate people constantly being trained in new techniques and responding to ever-increasing technological challenges.

Initially, it operated as a TV content distribution company of foreign productions (children’s series, documentaries, feature films) and a dubbing studio. Pretty soon the team grew and was supplemented with directors, screenwriters, directors of photography, editors, sound engineers and musicians and the first original productions were created: documentaries about history and culture, science and technology, spiritual quests and Christian pilgrims.

New series are being produced every year, mainly documentaries and entertainment content  broadcasted by Greek television stations and platforms (alphabetically: Alpha, ANT1, ANT1+, ANT1 Cyprus, The Greek Parliament, Capital TV, CNC, Cosmote TV – Cosmote History, Ert S.A., ERT1, ERT3, Ertflix, Macedonia TV, Plus TV, RIK, STAR TV etc.).

In the field of original animation production, the first 3D Greek 74-minutes feature animation film “Karagiozis, the movie” was produced and distributed in Greece and Cyprus in December 2022, followed by a three-season 2d animation series of 24 episodes with the adventures of Karagiozis in Cosmote TV (February – March 2023). In December 2023 the much-loved hero of Vangelis Iliopoulos, Triangle Fish, was animated in 2.5d and aired as a series in ANT1+: “Triangle Fish in sea adventures”.

From 2017 onwards, White Fox pioneers in new technologies, invests in human resources and technical means producing innovative audiovisual projects for, among others, entertainment, educational, touristic use. Holograms, original projects for 3d mapping projections, virtual reality short films are produced on behalf of:

  • Educational institutions (Institute of Technology & Research, National Technical University of Athens, University of Ioannina, University of the Aegean),
  • Local Government Organizations: Regions (Attica, Central Greece, South Aegean, Crete) and Municipalities from all over the territory.
  • Cultural Entities (Museums, Galleries, Theaters and Cultural Organizations)
  • The Armed Forces
  • Holy Monasteries and Metropolises

Milestones in White Fox’s history:

-the exhibition of one hundred and one works of painting, sculpture, photography, video and hagiography with the title “Tracing Istanbul” that was firstly held in the Holy Theological School of Chalki, that opened its doors only for this exhibition. Alongside the exhibition, the 50-minute documentary “Tracing the City” was screened in a specially designed area of the Holy Theological School. (2011).

-the production of the first 3D Greek animation 74-minutes feature film “Karagiozis, the movie”, that participated in many film and animation festivals worldwide (finalist at the animation festival AniMate – Australia Animation Film Festival, San Francisco Greek Film Festival, Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, London Greek Film Festival, International Epidaurus Film Festival: Βest Fiction Feature Film – Acting Code Awards, Best Animation – Cosmocinema Awards) with school screenings in Greece, Australia, Canada and Europe (2022).