Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget is back! Dr. Claw has reactivated his global crime syndicate MAD and the bumbling Swiss army knife detective has been brought out of retirement to save the world! Tagging along with Gadget is his niece Penny and her trusty dog, Brain. Now an agent in training, Penny uses her intelligence, martial arts and […]

Leο Da Vinci 3D

White Fox has localized and dubbed and is also the local distributor of the 3D animation series Leo Da Vinci, based on the successful film Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa. The series follows the exciting adventure of Leo before he became Leonardo Da Vinci and the genius everyone in the world has heard of. […]


SOPHIA The fate of the Byzantine Princess Sophia Palaiologina, the mysterious princess who became the wife of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow. The fate of the throne in her hands. Sofia has a lively intelligence and indomitable will. In Moscow she found her second home, love and hope for the birth of a new Orthodox […]

Demons (subtitling)

“Demons”Demons, a psychological thriller based on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel of the same name. A prophetic and cautionary story.The Russian Empire in the 1870s. A quiet provincial town is turned upside down when its two prodigal sons, aristocrat Nikolai Stavrogin and political opportunist Pyotr Verkhovensky, return from St. Petersburg. Stavrogin is repeatedly found at the centre […]

Fathers And Sons (subtitling)

“Fathers And Sons”Based on Turgenev’s classic novel, Kirsanov, a university graduate, returns home to his family estate with fellow medical student Bazarov. Appalled by their rejection of the old order, Kirsanov’sfather and uncle cling to their ideals as tightly as Kirsanovand Bazarovembrace nihilism. But when Bazarovmeets femme fatale Anna at a ball, he comes face […]

Cathrine The Great (subtitling)

“Cathrine The Great”A story of the Great Russian Empress who reigned in the 18th century. Catherine II was an enlightened sovereign, a patron of the arts, literature and educa- tion, as well as a successful political leader expand- ing the country borders and introducing the West- oriented reforms. It is under her reign that Russia […]

The Last Janissary (subtitling)

“The Last Janissary” The son of a Turkish Ambassador Mustafa, Gülhane, fascinated by Cossack from border detachment. He commands a loyal servant to the traitor Arbour, to steal the Marys. But Altan and Maria fall in love with each other, decide to run away and hide from everyone, Turks, and Cossacks. Henchmen of Gülhane overtake […]

Idiot (Subtitling)

“Idiot”Dramatic series based on the homonymous work of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, to be completed in 10 hour episodes.Diving in the 19th century ambiance in St. Petersburg created the impressive authentic costumes and scenery, the most expensive television program in Russia.The 26 year old Prince Myshkin suffers from epilepsy, and is prone to crises, although it had […]

Doctor Zhivago (Subtitling)

“DOCTOR ZHIVAGO”Dramatic miniseries that will be completed in 11 hour episodes.The life of a young doctor is intertwined with the fate of Russia in the early 20th century. Yuri Zhivago left orphaned at a young age, and his uncle brings him to Moscow, where he studied medicine, while living with the family of his uncle. […]