“ARTISTS” The series “ARTISTS” presents Greek and Cypriot artists, who are active  the past  forty years and they have achieved very rich  exhibition activity and original visual art language. The show provides the opportunity for viewers to experience the work of important representatives of contemporary Greek art. A unique tribute to the personality and life […]

In the Footsteps of Apostle Paul

“In the Footsteps of Apostle Paul” – A co – production of White Fox with COSMOTE TV“In the footsteps of Apostle Paul” is a new documentary series about the life and thought of one the most influential personalities of all times and one of the most important figures of western modern history.He was the one […]

In Search of Hidden Holy Sites

“In Search of Hidden Holy Sites” A documentary series with historical and pilgrimage content. Millions of visitors, from all over the world, gather in various holy sites with significant history and civilization. We searched and found hidden holy sites, and with the help of the best guides and the permissions needed, we recorded every piece […]

Madonnas of the Aegean Sea

“Madonnas of the Aegean Sea” “Madonnas of the Aegean Sea” is a documentary series that travels you to a part of the Mediterranean with long and often troubled history, full of timeless beauty and sanctified treasures. In Greek islands there are numerous temples and churches dedicated to Christianity’s most beloved figure: Virgin Mary. Amongst them […]

Disease and … Ease

“Disease and … Ease” The series is an informative – scientific documentary of White Fox S.A. The concept concerns the presentation of prevalent diseases in the 21st century according to the World Health Organization. Shootings are held in Greece, Europe, USA, Canada and Japan. Each episode contains interviews with some of the most important and […]


“Cappadocia”Pilgrimage to Cappadocia is a journey, a fascinating travel to Cappadocia in Southeastern Turkey. A unique land that captivates everyone by its wild beauty and its volcanic rocks, which remind us of lunar sceneries. Whittled into rocks you can see countless churches, chapels and temples that even though they have been abandoned from monks and […]

Istanbul & Tracing Istanbul

“Istanbul & Tracing Istanbul”Constantinople was named New Rome or New Jerusalem, symbol of an exemplary empire, guardian of the Greek-Roman civilization, centre of the Orthodox-Christian world, an amalgam of cultures and a crossroad between Europe and Asia. The pilgrimage to Istanbul narrates through its monuments the history of the City. It was established by Constantine […]


“Tracing”Tracing is a social documentary series that travels all over Greece. We trace evidence and stories that give us hope through the vision of professionals, volunteers and organizations who assist and support the vulnerable groups of the population. The protagonists are the unemployed, the homeless, the financially weak, children growing up in child care centers, […]