Installations at the Athens City Museum

Athens City Museum Installations AR App – “Carnival in Athens” by Ν. Gyzis Athens City Museum Digital Installation Lambros Eftaxias – Athens City Museum

“Karagiozis, The Movie” screenings for the Greek Diaspora

“Karagiozis, The Movie” offered a special screening for the children of Archimedean Academy, the distinguished public school in Miami that teaches the art of thinking through the Greek culture and the language, ranking 30th out of 22,000 schools in the United States.

Special screenings of Triangle Fish

“Triangle Fish in Sea Adventures”, the beloved animated series that came to life in stunning animation for ANT1+, after its successful first screening on the TV platform, is now coming to life in special screenings at nursing homes and correctional facilities in Athens and the region. First screening at Penteli Children’s Hospital

“Triangle Fish in New Sea Adventures” on ANT1+

For the first time in Greece, Vangelis Iliopoulos’ bestseller was brought to the small screen (ANT1 +) through 8 original brand new stories and imaginative animation produced by White Fox. The tender and well-meaning little fish, along with its fishing crew embark on their sea adventures, being trained to face any possible marine danger. With […]