White Fox invests in the movies that promote the Greek spirit with “Karagiozis, the movie” being the first an original Greek children’s 74-minutes 3D animation feature film with theatrical distribution.

The first 3D Greek animation movie starring Karagiozis!

The script is based on the story of “Karagiozis Grammatikos

Karagiozis Grammatikos is one of the oldest works in the repertoire of the Greek shadow theatre and was chosen to be the core of the script. This proves the timelessness of Karagiozis and his ability to be constantly renewed evolving into new forms, being in tune with the spirit of the times, always arising interest and addressing to the emotion and the imagination of all age groups.


The village governor decides to appoint a public secretary to serve the citizens, as his employees are forced to neglect their own work to serve their illiterate fellow citizens in their written communication. Hatziavati sets out to find the right person for the position, and meets Karagiozis who impresses him with his grammatical knowledge that he says he has, and the search comes to an end! After a hilarious meeting with the Commander, Karagiozis becomes the village’s grammarian and, full of appetite and empty of knowledge, grabs a pencil and paper resulting in bringing chaos and laughs.


The first CGI 3D animation movie produced and created in Greece hit the big screen in December 2022 thrilling audiences