Production Services for Foreign Productions/Co-productions

40% Rebate & Production Services

Our experienced team is here to plan your next shoot in Greece and Cyprus and ensure you take full advantage of all the incentives in place to attract foreign productions.

These include a rebate of up to 40% of eligible costs in Greece and tax relief of up to 30%.

Claim up to 40% Rebate

The Greek cash rebate system for the production of audiovisual works in Greece has been established to attract film, television, documentary, animation producers and digital games developers to Greece.

Minimum for cash rebate eligibility at the time of writing:

Feature Films: €100,000

Documentaries: €60,000

Short Films: €60,000

TV Series: €15.000 – €25.000 per episode

Digital Games: €30,000

The Greek cash rebate can be used by producers as collateral to obtain funds through the Greek banking system.

The subsidy is payable no later than six months after the completion of production or/and post-production, provided all prerequisites of the legislation are met.

Please note: only undertakings which are established or have a branch in the Greek territory or foreign producers of audiovisual works who are contracted with an undertaking established or having a branch in Greek territory are eligible to apply for cash rebate in Greece. Applications should be submitted only by the Greek partner company. However, beneficiary and applicant may not necessarily coincide. 

Contact our specialised team to discuss your next production in Greece and the opportunities to take advantage of incentives in force for the creative industries, including subsidies, rebates, tax relief

Full Production Services

White Fox is an audio-visual production company with substantial experience in the production of television programmes, documentaries and animation.

We provide full production services to foreign productions filming in Greece and Cyprus. Contact our specialised team to discuss your production needs.