Ακης Καρράς, Χρήστος Λειβαδίτης, Αικατερίνη Παπαγεωργίου


Αθως Δανέλλης


Κώστας Χαριτάτος

With voices of:

Αθως Δανέλλης, Ελενα Μαραγκού


74 λεπτά


Spentzos Film

The first CGI 3D animation movie produced and created in Greece hit the big screen in December 2022 thrilling audiences of all ages and gathering very warm reviews!

“A well-intentioned and subtle adaptation of shadow theatre, which honours Karagiozis with substance and respect” Athinorama

“The first Greek animated feature film is here – and this is already an achievement, since the cost alone of such a production is an obstacle, not to mention that the animation genre in our country has just recently started growing.” Flix

After being amongst the Top 5 box office hits in Greece during the holiday period, the movie begun its international journey in Europe and the USA, while participating in many festivals, gathering awards!


The Commander decides to appoint a public secretary to serve the citizens, since his employees are often forced to neglect their own work to serve the illiterate people of the region in their need to communicate in writing. Hadjiavatis, Karagiozis’ closest friend, undertakes the task to find the right candidate for the job, and soon after he meets Karagiozis who shows him off his grammatical knowledge and hilariously but paradoxically takes the job, after also impressing Commander with his qualifications.

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