FULL HD 5 EPISODES X 30 MIN LANGUAGES: ENGLISH, GREEK INTER/AL BAND FILMED IN GREECE, HOLLY MOUNT PRODUCTION YEAR 2018 CO-PRODUCTION Holiness is something first confessed by the conscience of the faithful body. The truth of this orthodox tradition has also been confirmed in the faces of the saints. In this documentary series, we present […]


FULL HD 4 EPISODES X 30 MIN 1 EPISODE X 70 MIN LANGUAGES: ENGLISH, GREEK INTER/AL BAND ORIGINAL ARCHIVE FILMED IN GREECE, HOLY MOUNT, USA PRODUCTION YEAR 2019 CO-PRODUCTION Starting with the asylums, shadows and monasteries of the Holy Mountain, the series “Modern Elders” travels to Istanbul, to the desert of Arizona and to major […]


FULL HD 2 SEASONS 12 EPISODES X 26 MIN LANGUAGES: ENGLISH, GREEK INTER/AL BAND FILMED 2019 Breath-taking photography and drone aerials take us to Greece’s stunning Aegean islands where we explore some of the most fascinating temples and churches dedicated the Virgin Mary, Christianity’s most beloved figure. Each episode explores local beliefs and rituals and […]