The Last Janissary (subtitling)

"The Last Janissary"

The son of a Turkish Ambassador Mustafa, Gülhane, fascinated by Cossack from border detachment. He commands a loyal servant to the traitor Arbour, to steal the Marys. But Altan and Maria fall in love with each other, decide to run away and hide from everyone, Turks, and Cossacks. Henchmen of Gülhane overtake the fugitives: Altana thrown off the cliff, and Maria captured. The Cossacks, too, are you searching for Maria, especially resistant in love with her yermolai. The gülhane, pursuing You, ready to get rid of a pregnant wife zuleyka. For trying to save her, he kills the Astrologer, but Zuleika fails to find it. Alive and Altan. The Cossacks, having collected the required amount, the repurchase of Borrowing from captivity. She is convinced that Altan was involved in her kidnapping, and requests the yermolai to kill him. The misunderstanding was soon resolved, but it turns out that Altan believes himself to be the last remaining on earth a traitor – he intends to observe a vow of celibacy..

Alexander Suvorov
Zoryana Marchenko
Igor Petrenko
Theon Dolnikova
Taras Tsymbalyuk